Innovative Cattle Breeding


In the Nordic countries, we have the healthiest cows with the highest milk production, and the lowest use of antibiotics and hormones in the world. Our latest challenge is to lead the dairy industry in finding solutions to lowering methane emissions in cattle breeding. 


Pioneers in breeding for health

VikingGenetics has always been a pioneer in cattle breeding. We have always put health in a balanced focus with production traits in our breeding programmes for all our breeds. We have known that breeding for health is possible since the 1980s, long before it became more common knowledge. Our breeding is based on extensive, real-life data from Nordic dairy farmers.

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Invisible cows at work

The perfect cow is easy-going, productive, healthy and fertile. The type of cow that will be a long time member of the herd and that doesn’t require too much of attention thanks to successful breeding with excellent genetic material, and optimal management. VikingGenetics cows may not stand out from the crowd, but their impact on your bottom line surely will.
Nordic cows are naturally healthy without the use of unnecessary antibiotics and hormones. In the Nordic countries we have the lowest usage of antibiotics in the world for dairy cattle. With our genetics, farmers can build-up their herd’s natural defences against diseases simply and easily by choosing VikingGenetics sires. 

It's as easy and simple as that. 

VikingHolstein sires' daughters are medium-sized cows with great production capacity. You will also improve health and reproduction traits, without compromising on production.  Read more

VikingJersey cows are effective when it comes to converting feed into milk. VikingJerseys have good fertility, strong feet, good udders, high longevity and good milk production. Read more

VikingRed cows are renowned for their extraordinary health, easy calvings, excellent fertility, functional conformation and great production.  Read more