Reduce antibiotics use in your herd

VikingDefenceTM is the solution that combines all the health traits that we have been breeding for in the Nordic countries for decades. Our bulls have been selected to breed high producing and healthy cows. They breed daughters with a natural defence against diseases, VikingDefenceTM

Recently there has been a lot of media coverage of the low use of antibiotics in the dairy industry in the Nordic countries, compared to the rest of the world, and that this is a result of the responsibility we have taken in breeding. We care about natural, healthy animals, and a responsibility for sustainable dairy production where people, environment and animals are in focus. 

VikingDefenceTM includes those traits with registrations of clinical diseases made by veterinarians and hoof trimmers. This sophisticated cooperation for data entry is unique to the Nordic countries. 
Dairy producers in the Nordic countries feel a strong commitment to the registration system that dates back decades. This is because the data that each farmer receives are the strongest management tool they have at their disposal as dairy farming professionals today.

Registering specific clinical cases, as we do in the Nordic countries makes breeding far more successful than relying on correlated traits such as somatic cell count, feet & legs, and immunity. 
Some people argue that it's not possible to breed for better health, because heritability is too low, only 2-5%, however, as long as there is a variation between bulls, selection works. As we get reliable data in, we also get reliable data out. That’s the secret behind successful breeding.

In the Nordic countries, we have been breeding for health traits longer than anywhere else. We have the most sophisticated registration system in the world that gives us the most reliable breeding values. Trust VikingDefenceTM, the natural defence for healthy animals! Healthy cows – better life, for you and your cows.

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