Boost reproduction performance in your herd

Can you afford the long-term effects of poor cow fertility?    

Save from 20 to 42 EUR per cow per year - choose VikingFertilityTM sires!  That is the value of using a sire with a superior genetic level for daughter fertility (EBV 120). Bulls with a high genetic level for daughter fertility create extra value for your dairy business. 

For a herd with 100 cows, that is between 2,000 to 4,200 EUR of extra earnings per year. The decision to invest in genetics that you make today have an impact on your bottom line in the years to come. 

Secure your future success today. 

Based on the Nordic conditions. 
*Price of animals and lower production are main reasons for lower level

Why does cow fertility matter? 

Poor cow fertility impacts the profitability of your dairy herd. The costs are often hidden but have a huge influence on your bottom line. 

Poor fertility results in: 

  • Increased number of empty days resulting in higher feed cost without any production in return
  • More culling due to infertility, higher proportion of involuntary culling 
  • Higher insemination costs 
  • Higher veterinary costs
  • Longer lactation and lower profitability
  • Risk of reduced milk yield in the next lactation due to dry period being too long 
  • Reduced number of heifers for sale 

Poor fertility is among the most common culling reasons in dairy herds. For Holstein, poor fertility is the most frequent reason for culling in Denmark and account for 21% of all cullings. When culling is related to poor fertility, it is always involuntary. 

With a consistent focus on fertility in your breeding strategy you can achieve higher profitability. Herds with a higher production level can achieve bigger savings from improved fertility because every day without milk is costing more.


Struggling with poor fertility in your dairy herd?

As the production level of your cows continues to increase, you will learn that fertility needs extra attention from you. Data show that there is a strong negative genetic correlation between milk yield and daughter fertility traits. Is it possible to have a breeding strategy to achieve higher yield and better reproduction performance at the same time? Yes! Keep reading below. 

Improve both production and daughter fertility

With a consistent focus on breeding, you can achieve genetic progress for production and daughter fertility and improve your bottom line. 
When breeding for improved daughter fertility, you don't need to compromise on gain in production. VikingGenetics sires show strong genetic progress for both daughter fertility and production traits. 

See below – VikingHolstein as example. 
Genetic trend for Production index and Daughter Fertility index - VikingHolstein bulls 2006-2018

Genetics for top reproduction 

The daughter fertility index has been a part of the Nordic Total Merit (NTM) Index since the 1980s – that is 40 years with systematic data collection for daughter fertility. 

Today, 95% of the cows in Denmark, Sweden and Finland contribute to registrations for daughter fertility. The daughter fertility index is calculated based on data from insemination records on heifers and cows from the first three lactations. Data is collected by A.I. technicians and farmers.


Daughter fertility covers the sub-traits:


  • Days from calving to first insemination
  • Days from the first to last insemination
  • Number of inseminations per pregnancy


  • Days from the first to last insemination
  • Number of inseminations per pregnancy

What our customers say

Read the stories about our customers who have used VikingGenetics bulls to improve daughter fertility in their herds. 

Morten Jakobsen, 


1,100 cows

“The pregnancy rate is 15% higher in Viking cows, the productivity of first calf heifers is two kg higher, and the Viking cows have a mortality rate of 3.5%. The rate was 10% in the original herd, and it is worth noting that is with the same feed and care. VikingGenetics cows simply do a better job.” 

Markus Lang, 


2,000 cows

“The VikingGenetics cow for us is the complete package. The balanced approach to how they do the breeding is really showing through in the herd,” Markus says. Markus tends to use bulls around +30 NTM. Fertility has been improving. “Each pregnancy test improves a couple of percentage points. Fertility isn’t something we put a lot of effort into but through genetics we can passively improve, which is what we’re seeing.”

Dennis Lomax, 


595 cows (50% Jersey cows and 50% Reds) 

“The most pleasing thing is that now we are achieving a 15% empty rate after seven weeks of Artificial Insemination and we are more than happy with that. Our Jerseys walk home, get milked and return to the paddock to do it all again and again, with very little fuss.”


Long-term improvement

The genetic improvement that you achieve is a permanent and desired improvement cumulated through generations. The investment in genetics will pay off more and more with each generation. While optimal management and improving the environment are important short-term solutions for fertility problems in your herd, genetics is a crucial long-term solution. To achieve success, you need to focus on both, genetics and management. 


Download our Complete Guide to Reproduction

In this guide, you will find more detailed information on how you can improve the reproduction performance in your herd, covering:

  • Breeding as a tool to improve fertility
  • 10 reproduction management tips

Download PDF here


How do VikingFertility bulls perform? 

You may ask how much improvement in daughter fertility you can expect by selecting a sire with a breeding value (EBV) 120 for a specific sub-trait under daughter fertility. Take a look at the performance of the daughters of a bull with EBV 120 compared to the bull with EBV 100: 

  • The period from the first to last insemination is reduced by 14-17% for cows 
  • The conception rate is increased by 6-8% for cows 


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